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Q: Will VAG-COM work with my car?
Q: Will VAG-COM work even if my car is "chipped"?
Q: How long will the "Introductory Special Price" be in effect?
Q: What features are missing from the current Beta release?
Q: Will there be a German-Language version?
Q: What  are the computer requirements?
Q: Can I use VAG-COM on a desk-top computer?
Q: What if my Laptop doesn't have a Serial Port?
Q: Will there be a Mac or Linux version?

Q: Will there be a Windows-CE or Palm-OS version?
Q: What's the difference between VAG-COM and an OBD-II Scan-Tool?
Q: Can I use VAG-COM to roll back my electronic odometer?
Q: Can I use VAG-COM to "Flash" the Chip in my ECU?

Q: Is there anything else I need to make full use of VAG-COM?
Q: I already have VWTool / VDS-PRO, why would I want to upgrade?

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Q: How do I Register/Activate my software?
Q: What's the difference between the Shareware version 
      and the fully registered/activated version?
Q: Is Product Support included in the price?
Q: Why can't I get VAG-COM to communicate at all?
Q: VAG-COM communicates, but it's "flaky"..

Q: Why does my dash BEEP when I access my ABS controller?
Q: Are there any Fault Codes that can and should be ignored?

Q: Are there any known Bugs/Problems/Issues?
Q: What's the Work Shop Code?
Q: What's with those DEBUG files?
Q: Why are the DTC.DAT and DEBUGxx.DLM files encrypted?

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Q: Do I need an Interface Adapter?
Q: Can I use one I already have?
Q: Can I buy one someplace else?
Q: Can I build my own?
Q: Why does VAG-COM require Registration/Activation?
Q: What if I have more than one PC?

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