Issues & Revision History

Possible Issues, all versions:

  • SP1 for Windows 2000 adversely affects VAG-COM's ability to do real-time and makes communications with some controllers unreliable.   The fix: install IE 5.5 (Version 5.50.4522.1800 or higher!)  over top of SP1.
  • VAG-COM does not currently support controllers using the new KWP2000 protocol.  A few 2001 models may have Teves-60 ABS controllers that require these protocols.  I already have all the tools in place to analyze and emulate this protocol and  expect to add support for it as soon as I identify and can get my hands on a control module that requires it.
  • VAG-COM does not properly support WorkShopCodes higher than 65535.  This will be fixed in a future release.

Car-Model Specific Issues:




  • If when you try to connect to a control module, you get the error message "Can't Synch Baud Rate", go to the Options Screen and try setting the Start Baud to 9600.  If 9600 doesn't work, also try 4800 and 1200.    Turn the car's ignition OFF and back ON after each failed attempt to connect!

Revision History, Public Releases: 

Beta 0.78  Posted 08 July 2001

Beta 0.75  Posted 18 Mar 2001

Beta 0.71  Posted 06 Feb 2001

Beta 0.70b  Posted 10 Jan 2001

Beta 0.65  Posted 30 Oct 2000

Beta 0.50 / 0.50a  Posted  May 2000

Initial public "release".   No longer supported, except on 2.0L 16V cars.  Users should update to current version.

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